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Looking to order oil from the best heating oil delivery company in Greater Boston? First Energy Heating & Cooling is Boston’s first choice in home heating oil delivery.

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Now with added convenience, you can order the same high-quality heating oil you’ve come to know and expect from First Energy ONLINE! Simply enter your zip code to see if we deliver to your area, then complete your order through our online form.

Budget Plans

Budget plans are available to customers who choose to spread their fuel oil costs equally throughout the entire year. Budget plans can be set over a 10- or 12-month period. The amount of your budget payment will be determined after we calculate your predicted usage. You will then be charged monthly over the specified length of your budget plan which start in the summer.

Please note that we strive to stand by our 24 hour delivery standard, but due to certain unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, this is not always possible. We appreciate your understanding.


Contact us at any time to determine your estimated budget amount.

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